Things To Be Asked Before Signing The Lease

Things To Be Asked Before Signing The Lease

So many apartments for rent in toledo ohio have been filled up every month. But there are certain things that should be asked from the landlord before one signs a lease. Some tips are given here for you to keep in mind before you sign your next lease.

Normally landlords paint their apartments before the tenant makes a move. You may not be able to get your desired look and feel in the apartment if it goes this way. So it is better to ask the landlord that can you provide the paint colors that you want in the apartment. This will be helpful for you in saving lots of time as otherwise you’d have to paint the apartment yourself again.

The appliances should be upgraded as well. Check whether the fridge does not have separate freezer and whether it will have to be upgraded. Keep energy efficiency in mind as well while you are doing so.

More often than not, you need to upgrade the carpets in your new apartment as well. Check whether it can be just fine with deep cleaning? If not, then you’ll have to switch it out. Before signing the lease check whether the landlord is ready to pay for a new one and if they do not want to bear the whole expense then try to negotiate and split this expense with them.

It has to be completely understood that what your landlord would be responsible for and what would lie on your shoulders. For instance, you may have the responsibility of electricity and trash while the landlord may take the responsibility of water. However, tricky part here is the fact that all of them come on same bill.

If you don’t want to pay cash every month to the landlord, then check if the landlord can accept your rent check through Paypal. Though, it’s quite unusual but it can be quite convenient as you may be paying all the bills online and the rent check may be the only check you are paying physically.

Never forget to ask about the last tenants, who they were, for what period did they stay in the apartment, and what was the reason of their moving out. Knowing all this will give you enough insight into the property as well as the landlord. Even if landlord doesn’t tell you everything clearly, you can get lots of answers.

You should also inquire that if the property had undergone any kind of major repairs during last five years. Ask for new pipes, central air, mold reparation, etc. Also, don’t forget to ask about exterior maintenance. Quite often, landlords do pesticide spray at least twice a year. In case if you are moving with your pets then you would be interested in knowing how often do they do this for keeping your pets out of bushes.