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ICYMI: North Carolina Business Friendliness Survey: Results Here

How does North Carolina fare against other states when it comes to business friendliness? There are tons of factors that go into deciding how business friendly each state is, and Thumbtack, the San Francisco-based company that specializes in matching local customers with professionals, released an interactive map describing how states rank on these factors.

Thumbtack gathered the data by surveying over 13,000 small business owners who work as electricians, music teachers, wedding planners, wellness professionals and more. According to Thumbtack, their survey is the largest continuous study of small business owners’ perceptions of government policy in the United States.

In the map, you can see data for all 50 states or 80 cities throughout the United States. They look at: ease of starting a business, ease of hiring, regulations, health and safety, employment, labor and hiring, tax code, licensing, environmental factors, zoning, training and government websites.

When it came to overall friendliness, Thumbtack’s survey found North Carolina was average. The highest marks were in health and safety; employment, labor and hiring; training and networking programs and its tax code.

Here’s how North Carolina ranked:


Overall Friendliness: C+ Ease of Starting a Business: B+ Ease of Hiring: B Regulations: B Health and Safety: A Employment, Labor and Hiring: A- Tax Code: A- Licensing: B Environmental Factors: B Zoning: B+ Training: A Government Websites: B-

Clicking on each state or locality individually will show you their individual ranking as well as a map of who answered survey questions along with a quote. Here’s what some folks in North Carolina had to say.

A life coach from Charlotte said "Getting help establishing a business is fairly easy. Finding local resources for continuing education is not as readily available."

A graphic designer in Charlotte said "Overall it is pretty easy to start a business here. State taxes are higher than they should be, but for the most part you can find a way to make a profit."

An administrative assistant in Huntersville said, "The Lake Norman area is very friendly to small businesses. There are many local networking groups that are exceptionally supportive. The LKN Chamber now has a small business focus that is very helpful."

A cleaner in Mooresville said, "A business license is affordable. The helpful information and resources provided are very easy to obtain to anyone looking."

The category of "government websites," which asks business owners if they’ve used government websites to help comply with regulations or learn information about operating a business, was added in 2017.

North Carolina saw a slight decrease in overall business friendliness from 2016 to 2017, but has a score equal to that scored in 2012, when the survey first began.

Patch Editor Geoffrey Dempsey contributed to this story.

Photo via Pixabay

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