I don’t see much of a future for GOP in Charlotte | Charlotte Observer

I don’t see much of a future for GOP in Charlotte | Charlotte Observer

Not much of a GOP future in Charlotte

In response to “Is GOP being shut out by how districts in Charlotte drawn?” (Nov. 20):

Jim Cherry

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In past years Charlotte’s political parties worked together to build a great city. Today, the Democrats have a total lockdown on power in city government and will never give up this dominance.

Most of these new Democrats couldn’t run a lemonade stand. They pit rich against poor and will tax-and-spend like there’s no tomorrow. Republican voters can vote with their feet, but good candidates coming down the path for the GOP in this Democrat-run city will be tougher to find with each passing year.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Talley isn’t qualified to be a federal judge

In response to “You need to get angrier about a guy named Brett Talley” (Nov. 18 Viewpoint):

Jeffrey Bierer

I respect that the majority party may nominate and place judges whose philosophy mirrors their own, but Brett Talley is wholly unqualified.

He has no judicial experience and little experience practicing law. His only qualifications seem to be politically charged rhetoric along with influence in the White House in the person of his wife, a White House lawyer.

The American Bar Association has rated him “not qualified,” something they seldom do. I urge our senators to vote “no” and not approve him to the bench. Encourage the president to find a nominee who is better qualified for a lifetime appointment.

Jeffrey Bierer, Charlotte

Cut taxes, consumers will start buying

In response to Our View “GOP tax plan sparks déjà vu” (Nov. 20 Editorial):

Your editorial suggested that companies only expand when they believe they have customers to justify expansion. Did you ever consider that if consumers had more money in their pockets and the Feds had less, maybe there would be more customers for their products?

Michael Montella, Charlotte

Tax plan won’t bring more jobs, higher pay

Once again Republicans are attempting to sell trickle-down economics, but we shouldn’t buy it.

If the goal of the GOP tax plan is to spur the economy by getting money to the middle and lower class, doing it directly through lower taxes would be preferable to hoping money will eventually trickle down from big business and high-income taxpayers through higher wages or more jobs.

Many of the businesses and individuals who will receive the greatest relief under the proposed legislation have moved business and manufacturing offshore due to low wages abroad and/or favorable tax treatment. What is the incentive for those businesses to bring back those jobs and pay higher wages to do so?

Tim Sisson, Matthews

Shine some daylight on Moore’s skeletons

Arnie Grieves

In response to “Timing of Moore accusation troubling” (Nov. 19 Forum):

As a politician seeks a higher office, a national office in Roy Moore’s case, it is far more likely that skeletons that have remained hidden in the shadows on a local “good-old-boys” level will be dragged out into the light of day by the national press.

And for an accused pedophile, I say better late than never.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

CMS should be safe, welcoming for all

In response to “Group sounds alarm about ‘radical sexual agenda’ in Charlotte public schools” (Nov. 19):

Robert Cubbler

It seems the N.C. Values Coalition and executive director Tami Fitzgerald are against the “Welcoming Schools” program in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. It seems they’re against efforts to make CMS schools welcoming and safe for all students.

If you are against safe and welcoming schools, you must be for unsafe and unwelcoming schools for some of our most vulnerable kids.

Personally I want all of our kids to feel safe and welcome at our public schools. How about you Ms. Fitzgerald?

Robert Cubbler, Matthews

Wanted: Clowns to replace ‘vintage’ ones

Thursday’s Thanksgiving parade marks the 60th anniversary of the Carolina Clowns.

J. “Rascal” Alexander

Our group started specifically for this parade and went on to serve the community by visiting hospitals, nursing homes and schools spreading joy and good will.

But our numbers have dwindled. Most of us are older now and you’ll see some of us riding instead of walking Thursday due to knee replacements, etc., which happen to “vintage” clowns. We need new volunteers to continue this Charlotte tradition. Apply at our website!

J. “Rascal” Alexander, Charlotte

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