Abandoned, overgrown properties surround Toledo homeowner

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) – It’s a common complaint in Toledo this time of year. Someone saying they live next door to a home with overgrown grass, broken windows, usually abandoned. But what happens when you have one on each side of you?

The Barrera’s have called the 400 block of Utah Street their home for decades. Now their home is surrounded by places no one calls home, unless you count the overgrown grass.

This block of Utah can look like a lot of blocks in Toledo with these blighted properties. You have one bad one, one good one, and then another problem. Frustrating for people just trying to keep up their homes.

"Look at the appearance. It makes it look like the whole block looks bad in my opinion," said Hector Barrera.

Barrera’s parents live here. On one side, chest high grass, newspapers piling up and a crumbly roof. On the other, more chest high grass and weeds everywhere. Sometimes they even find animals.

“Raccoons in this one next door, raccoons I’ve seen a couple of them every night," said Barrera.

Engage Toledo is the website where people can register property complaints. Although the family says they have called on both properties, only one is listed in the city of Toledo as a project they know about.

"We try to keep it clean as much as we can. I cut this grass but with this next door it’s a bit of a hazard,” said Barrera.

Obviously the real responsibility belongs to these home owners but if they simply stop caring it affects everyone around them, fair or not.

"We’re hoping this will help some people to do some action and come take care of their property," said Barrera.

If you have an issue, check that Engage Toledo website to make sure the city knows about it. We have a link posted at the top, right of this story.

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